Online International Payments

Built from our experience of managing over £9 billion in foreign exchange transactions each year.

HiFX has created a simple, online international payments service.

Designed for businesses which transact £1million or less of foreign exchange a year, HiFX Online allows businesses to convert £50 – £300,000 at the touch of a button and gives you the quickest, easiest and most cost effective way to pay overseas suppliers and staff, receive international payments, settle invoices and conduct business abroad.

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For larger corporate requirements (i.e annual FX transactions of £1million + per annum), visit the telephone based foreign exchange dealing section of our site.

Features& benefits

How itworks



At aglance

Open for business when the banks are closed, our online international payments service gives your business access to a host of benefits:

Save Time & Money with Online International Payments
Move money, pay suppliers or receive international payments.
Save time and money by sending your international payments the easy way.
We understand that businesses need to take advantage of fluctuations in exchange rates and manage deals with partners around the world. We also know you need a trusted and reliable business partner through which you can conduct your international payments.

Manage your international money transfers when it suits you, access the tools and resources necessary to ensure that you can make your money transfers when you need to, and at the highly competitive exchange rates you want.

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Fast, Convenient & Free Online International Payments
Fast and convenient.
Designed specifically for businesses operating internationally.

With low overheads, we take advantage of lower operating costs to give you access to free* international payments and better exchange rates. We save your company money on each and every international money transfer and deliver these savings directly to your bottom line.

Your business will also benefit from same-day delivery of international payments, automated transaction confirmations and later cut-off times than your bank.

* No transfer fees for amounts of £3,000 and above. £9 for amounts below £3,000.
This does not include the cost of you transferring the funds to HiFX and any charges incurred where the funds being sent are in a different currency to the destination bank account.

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Live Currency Exchange Rates with HIFX
MyHIFX personalised currency tools.
Let us be your eyes and ears in the market.
Designed to keep you one step ahead, MyHiFX enables you to set personalised rate alerts, access live customer rates, monitor your key currencies and make international payments – all in a few clicks.

Be the first to know.
So for example, if you'd like to know when the Euro next hits €1.25 or the US dollar hits $1.65 simply tell us and we'll automatically alert you by email when your target rate is reached.

Get connected today.
Make sure you don't miss out when the markets are in your favour! Simply sign up today and you’ll get immediate access to both MyHiFX and bank beating exchange rates on all your international payments within minutes.

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24/7 Account Management at HiFX
Open when the banks are closed. Manage your account 24 hrs a day.
Your company operates outside of banking hours, so why shouldn’t your international payments provider?
HiFX International Payments Online is about much more than just making payments. Manage your transactions when it suits you 24 hours a day and not just when your bank wants you to.

Make a transfer.
With HiFX Online you simply log in to your account to get a quote before transferring your currency to accounts worldwide. When making a transfer you’ll automatically receive an email with the details of the transaction for your records and complete peace of mind. Tell us to, and we’ll even email the recipient to tell them the funds are on their way.

Track the progress of your payments.
Designated account holders can keep track of payments with an online diary function, access a complete payment history and manage the account – whenever necessary.

Manage the accounts you pay regularly.
With HiFX Online you can set up and save the details of multiple recipients saving you time and making it even easier when making payments in the future.

Access your complete account history.
Looking for a particular transaction? Review your full account history and see a summary of all your payments online. All transaction documentation is available for you to save on your computer or can be printed if you need a hard copy.

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Secure Online International Payments at HiFX
World class security
We work hard to keep your money safe and use the same security as 97 of the World's 100 largest banks and over 93% of Fortune 500 companies.
Regulatory information
HiFX Europe Limited is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2009, registration number 462444, for the provision of payment services. HiFX Europe Limited is also a registered MSB with HM Revenue & Customs – registration number 12131222

Security of Funds
When buying or selling currency with us, your funds are held either in pooled client trust bank accounts or are held at one of our counterparty brokers as cash in transit or collateral to meet our obligations relating to clients’ trades. Funds can be used to fulfil the contractual obligations of our clients but will never be anywhere other than:

- In the segregated client accounts.
- With our banking counterparties.
- In transit i.e. being sent.

Online security
HiFX Online is Norton secured. The Norton seal is the most recognised trust mark on the internet and helps companies and consumers all over the World engage in trusted communications and commerce billions of times every day. 97 of the World's 100 largest SSL-using banks and over 93% of Fortune 500 companies use SSL Certificates sold by Norton. In addition, Norton secures more than one million Web servers worldwide, more than any other Certificate Authority.
For more information read our Guide to Staying Safe Online

Payments & settlements
As one of the UK’s largest currency specialists, HiFX has access to SWIFT, the world's largest payments and settlements network for domestic and international trades. This ensures HiFX clients benefit from faster payments and enhanced security.

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International Payments Help & Advice
Help and support
Our whole organisation is geared towards making sure your business transactions run smoothly...
Our service starts with an intuitive website that makes online transactions straightforward to execute and transparent to follow. We also have an experienced UK based Corporate Online Team on hand to give you all the help and support you need to ensure your international payments run smoothly.

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Sign up

Signing up is free, quick and can be done 24 hours a day. It carries no obligation to trade and you’ll get access to all the tools and information you need to monitor exchange rates and save money. Once your account is open we’ll automatically send you an email with everything you need to know to make your first transfer.

Get a quote

Log in, check the rate and get a quote in seconds. Simply select the currencies you wish to convert from and to and the amount you require The live exchange rate will update continuously showing you whether the movement is up or down. Unlike other online services, with HiFX the rate you see is the rate you get.

Tell us who you want to pay
Save time by setting up a library of regular recipients’ account details. If you tell us to, we’ll even keep recipients up to date with payments via email so you don’t have to.
Send us your funds
When you confirm your deal, you’ll receive on-screen confirmation and an auto-email with a summary of the transaction and directions on how to make the payment.
We send them on
With access to SWIFT, the World's largest payments and settlements network for domestic and international trades you’ll benefit from faster payments and enhanced security. We also offer SEPA payments where appropriate.
Track payments
Track your payments online. Request email notification for extra peace of mind. With HiFX Online you can also manage your account 24/7; change usernames, addresses and passwords or use the diary function to remind you what to do, when.

It’s really that simple!

P Botswanan Pula
лв. Bulgarian Lev *
kn Croatian Kuna *
Euro *
FJ$ Fijian Dollar
JOD Jordanian Dinar
KSh Kenyan Shilling
L Lesotho Loti
Mauritian Rupee
ر.ع. Omani Rial
Philippine Peso
QR Qatari Rial
RON Romanian Leu *
SR Saudi Riyal
RSD Serbian Dinar *
SZL Swazi Lilangeni
DT Tunisian Dinar *
$ US Dollar *
AU$ Australian Dollar *
NZ$ New Zealand Dollar *
$ Canadian Dollar *
د.إ UAE Dirham *
R South African Rand
kr Danish Krone *
$ Hong Kong Dollar *
CHF Swiss Franc *
¥ Japanese Yen *
Czech Koruna *
Ft Hungarian Forint *
kr Norwegian Krone *
Polish Zloty *
$ Mexican Peso
kr Swedish Krona *
฿ Thai Baht
$ Singapore Dollar *
£ Sterling *
.د.ب Bahraini Dinar *
TRY New Turkish Lira
Israeli Shekel
د.ك Kuwaiti Dinar *

The currencies marked with * are available to sell online, as well as buy.

How do we sign up?
Opening a HiFX foreign exchange account is quick and easy. It’s free and there’s no obligation to trade and you can access HiFX Online. We’ll also give you all the right tools and information you need to keep in touch with exchange rate movements and save money.
What sort of computer do I need?
We’ve made sure HiFX Online works with a wide range of PC and Mac browsers which have a reasonable market share (but not beta or dev versions). If you have a PC it will need to have Internet Explorer (I.E.) 7 or later.
How much can my business transfer using HiFX Online?

A minimum of £50 and a maximum of £300,000 per online transaction, to a limit of £300,000 per day. For larger annual requirements (£1million + per annum) please call our FX Dealing Team on +44(0)1753 751 751.

Our business is outside of the UK. Can we use your online service?

Yes, but due to the high levels of security we have in place to protect our customers, we are unable to automatically verify overseas company addresses and identities. You will therefore need to provide additional documentation as directed. Please note, we are unable to offer our money transfer services to clients located in the United States of America (USA) and Quebec (Canada). For clients located in other Canadian provinces we can provide spot transfers (but not forwards or regular payment agreements).

All clients located outside of the United States and Canada can still use the service and make international payments to / from the United States of America (USA) and Canada.

What happens when we sign up?
We’ll give your company a Client Number and you’ll be asked to create your own username and password. You must keep this information safe – as it will be needed every time your company logs in.
What if the currency we want to send is not listed?
We provide all the most popular currencies online. If the currency you are interested in is not listed in the ‘Currencies Available’ tab, please call our Corporate Online Team on +44(0)1753 752 627 to discuss your requirements.
What types of transactions can we undertake online?
Only Spot (buy now, pay now) transactions can be undertaken online. For Forward transactions (that allow you to fix the exchange rate for up to 12 months), please call our Corporate Online Team on +44(0)1753 752 627 to discuss your requirements.
How is the exchange rate calculated?
This depends on a number of factors:
  • The amount you’re transferring.
  • The currency you’re buying.
  • The exchange rates at the time of purchase.

Are there any fees?

We believe in fairness and total transparency saving you money. There are no transfer fees for amounts of £3,000 (or currency equivalent) and above. For amounts below this a £9 fee will apply. All fees incurred are clearly displayed throughout the transaction process.
Sold Ccy Fee Amount
AED 54
AUD 15
CAD 15
CHF 13
CZK 300
DKK 80
EUR 10
HKD 110
HUF 3,240
JPY 1,500
NOK 90
NZD 18
PLN 45
SEK 95
SGD 18
USD 15
*This does not include the cost of you transferring the funds to HiFX and any charges incurred where the funds being sent are in a different currency to the destination bank account. As part of the service, HiFX provides one free transfer per trade.

How does HiFX make money?

Like your high street bank we make our money in the difference between our buy and sell prices i.e. the spread. However we have much lower overheads and buy huge volumes of currency each year, so we can pass these extra savings on to you.

Is my money safe with HiFX?
HiFX Europe Limited is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2009, registration 462444, for the provision of payment services. HiFX Europe Limited is also a registered MSB with HM Revenue & Customs – registration number 12131222.

HiFX Online uses Norton – the system preferred by 97% of the World’s top 100 banks and 93% of Fortune 500 companies. Norton is also used billions of times a day by companies and consumers across the World.

Some additional facts and figures about HiFX include:
  • Last year HiFX advised on and executed over £9billion in foreign exchange and is trusted by over 40,000 people and 2,000 corporate clients each year around the world.
  • Euronet has a market capitalisation in excess of $2.5 billion and a Corporate investment grade rating from Standard & Poor’s of BBB-. Last year the Euronet group processed more than 2.3 billion transactions and posted annual revenues of more than $1.4billion Euronet Annual Report.
  • HiFX has offices in both the northern and southern hemispheres and a workforce of over 200 employees.
  • We have in excess of £2billion placed on the Money Markets on behalf of our commercial customers.
Are my details and personal information protected?
Our online services are fully encrypted using the highest form of security certificates provided by Norton.
What is HiFX’s Privacy Policy?
We are committed to protecting your privacy both on and offline. View a copy of our Privacy Policy.

Nuts & Bolts
Minimum transfer size
Maximum transfer size
Currencies available
GBP, EUR, USD, AUD, NZD, CAD, CHF to 19 currencies
Online payments
Online transfers
Same day where possible
Service availability
24 hours a day 7 days a week
Norton security
3d security
Segregated client accounts
Data protection
Authorised by the FCA
HMRC registered
Fees & Charges
Transfer charges
£3,000+ FREE. £9 for amounts below £3,000.
Transfer Options
Keeping You In Touch
Email notifications
24 hour online account management
24 hour online payment tracking
Access to daily rates
Access to weekly market commentary
Access to live charts & interbank rates
Payment Methods
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