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Brexit vote: What could this mean for the pound?

By HiFX  /     Jan 09, 2019  /     Europe  /     0 Comment

As we progress into 2019, Brexit is back in the news with nothing significantly changing, in relation to the negotiations, since Parliament closed for Christmas in 2018. The leaders of the other 27 EU countries have signed off Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement but there is speculation that it will not […] Continue Reading…

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Introducing the Brexit Barometer

By HiFX  /     Dec 07, 2018  /     Europe  /     0 Comment

With the “meaningful vote” in the UK Parliament on Tuesday the 11th and the final EU summit on the 13th and 14th of December, businesses should be prepared for all possible outcomes given there is a strong possibility the vote will fail in the UK parliament. The Pound has been […] Continue Reading…

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In Conversation: InfraRed Capital Partners – protecting profits from foreign exchange fluctuations

By HiFX  /     Mar 06, 2018  /     Global  /     0 Comment

Welcome to In Conversation, foreign exchange insights and discussions from HiFX to support businesses that send or receive international payments.   In our latest In Conversation video, Tim Thorp, Partner at InfraRed Capital Partners, explains how the management of foreign exchange risk is an important part of InfraRed’s investment management process. InfraRed […] Continue Reading…

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Brexit Broadcast: What we know so far and where is the momentum heading

By HiFX  /     Dec 05, 2017  /     Global  /     0 Comment

Welcome to Brexit Broadcast, our quarterly update on how the Brexit process is impacting the currency markets and what this means for businesses with exposure to foreign exchange risk.   2017 headlines have been dominated by the ongoing Brexit process, and the currency markets have been closely watching the developments. While […] Continue Reading…

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Euro wobbles as German coalition talks collapse

By HiFX  /     Nov 21, 2017  /     Germany  /     0 Comment

After an indecisive election result back in September, Angela Merkel entered into exploratory talks for a three way coalition government with the liberal Free Democrats (FDP) and the environmentalist Greens. However, these talks broke down over the weekend as the Free Democrats walked out, claiming there was “no common […] Continue Reading…

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Pound falls despite first interest rate rise in a decade

By HiFX  /     Nov 02, 2017  /     Market Updates  /     0 Comment

As was widely expected, the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) has voted to raise interest rates for the first time in over a decade today. However, the foreign exchange markets were disappointed by the cautious tone of today’s announcement and the Pound dropped sharply as a result. Interest rates […] Continue Reading…

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