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Your holiday money essentials checklist

By HiFX  /     Jul 07, 2017  /     Money Matters  /     0 Comment

Getting ready to go on holiday is always exciting, but you’ll want to make sure the trip is memorable for all the right reasons. From car hire to currency purchases, flights to insurance cover, the cost of foreign travel can quickly mount up, particularly if there’s something you forget or leave to the last minute. We’ve […]

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Expat Life - Your Stories

How HiFX helped one client’s money go much further than they expected

By HiFX  /     Nov 29, 2016  /     Expat Life  /     0 Comment

Every month, HiFX helps thousands of people to make international money transfers for thousands of different reasons – buying a house abroad, transferring a mortgage or pension, sending money to friends and family overseas, paying for a foreign wedding and many more. Whatever the reason for the transfer, we’re dedicated to helping our customers get […]

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Expat Life - Study Abroad

Comparing the cost of studying abroad

By HiFX  /     Oct 13, 2016  /     Expat Life  /     0 Comment

As UK university tuition fees continue to rise, studying abroad has become an increasingly appealing option for students. However, there are a number of other costs to consider alongside tuition fees, such as how much necessities like rent and groceries will cost while you’re out there, as well as the occasional treat. We’ve used the […]

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Expat Life - Study Abroad

How to support your child while they are studying abroad

By HiFX  /     Sep 14, 2016  /     Expat Life  /     0 Comment

Studying abroad can be a fantastic experience for your child. It can provide lifelong benefits, such as building confidence, increasing employability and creating friendships with people from all around the world. But it can also be an anxious time for parents who are trying to balance a desire to protect their child with the knowledge […]

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Expat Life - Study Abroad

How to make the most of your study abroad programme

By HiFX  /     Sep 06, 2016  /     Expat Life  /     0 Comment

The benefits of studying abroad are well-known and even well-documented. The Institute for the International Education of Students found in a survey of its alumni between 1950 and 1999 that the majority of overseas students felt their time abroad had aided their maturity, self-confidence, tolerance to ambiguity and the way they viewed the world. These […]

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flying vs train

Cheaper to Catch a Flight

By HiFX Team  /     Jan 29, 2016  /     Global, Uncategorised  /     1 Comment

It has become a well-known fact that the UK is an expensive country. Not long ago, we were all talking about a man who commutes to work in London from Barcelona every day to work, as it’s cheaper in rent and travel costs. Unbelievable! Technology, food, travel and clothes are just some of the things that […]

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roaming charges

Home or Away? A Guide to Choosing a Phone Package for Your Business Trip

By HiFX Team  /     Dec 04, 2015  /     Global  /     0 Comment

There are two words that send chills down the spine of even the most savvy travellers: roaming charges. If you’re going abroad for business, chances are you’ll be making a lot of calls and regularly checking your emails, so it’s important to know your network’s roaming charges before you touch down. Fortunately, all network providers […]

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