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Transfer Money to France

Looking to transfer money to France? HiFX provide a quick and easy, highly secure money transfer service that will enable you to turn your Pound Sterling into Euros. In 5 minutes you could open a new account and start transferring GBP to Euros securely with HiFX money transfer service.

Whether you’re looking to top up your French bank account, to pay a bill, or you simply need to transfer money to friends and family in France, HiFX can help. We can transfer your Pounds into Euros, and our secure online money transfer service means you can do so safely and quickly from anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in work, sitting by the pool in your holiday home in St. Tropez, or in an Internet café by the Eiffel Tower - as long as you have an Internet connection you can transfer your money quickly and easily.

HiFX – A Secure Way to Transfer Money to France

We completely understand the security of your money is very important to you, especially when deciding on which money transfer service to use. That’s why we ensure our online money transfer service is secure, giving you peace of mind that your money is safe throughout the transfer process.

Not only is it a highly secure online service, but it’s fast and easy to use! As part of the SWIFT network, HiFX allows you to open an account and be able to transfer money to France within as little as 5 minutes.

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Advantages of Using HiFX Online to Transfer Money

Using HiFX to transfer money to France, and your Pounds Sterling into Euros, could not be easier.

  • Benefit from discounted exchange rates and live prices - the rate you see is the rate you’ll get.
  • Open an account and be ready to transfer GBP to Euros within 5 minutes.
  • Transfer money to any major currency [NZ Dollars; Euros; US Dollars; Canadian Dollars; US Dollars; UAE Dollars] for any amount up to £300,000, from anywhere in the world.
  • Great rates and absolutely no transfer fees.
  • Quick & secure online money transfer.
  • Transfer money to all major French banks – including BNP Paribas& Banque Populaire.
  • BACS, CHAPS and debit and credit card facilities.

Use HiFX to Transfer Money to France

HiFX Online is a quick and easy way for you to transfer money to France. You could be transferring your money within 5 minutes of reading this.

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