HiFX International Money Transfer

Sending Money to Australia

Looking to be sending money to Australia? HiFX is a quick and easy to use online money transfer service that is totally secure allowing you to turn your GBP into AUS Dollars with complete peace of mind. In just 15 minutes you could open an account, and be ready to be sending money to Australia.

Whether you are looking to transfer money to friends or relatives in Australia, paying a bill there, topping up your Australian bank account, or even putting down a deposit for a new holiday home in Sydney – HiFX can help you transfer your GBP into AUS Dollars.

A Fast & Secure Way for Sending Money to Australia

We understand that the safety of your money is a very significant factor when deciding which online money transfer service to use. HiFX Online is part of the SWIFT network which allows you to transfer money to Australia quickly and easily – whilst providing you with the peace of mind that your money is in safe hands.

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Advantages of Using HiFX to Send Money to Australia

  • Be ready to transfer GBP to AUS Dollars in a matter of minutes after opening an account.
  • Transfer up to £300,000 to any major currency, not only AUS Dollars, from anywhere in the world.
  • Quick, simple and highly secure.
  • Great rates and absolutely no transfer fees.
  • Debit & credit card, BACS and CHAPS facilities (card must be registered to a UK billing address).
  • Transfer money to all major Australian banks – including Westpac Banking Corp.

This all adds up to HiFX being a great way to send money to or from Australia, Sign up now or find out more about HiFX foreign exchange services.

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