HiFX International Money Transfer

Money Transfer Overview

International Money Transfer from HiFX

HiFX provide international money transfer services to thousands of individuals and businesses each year. Perfect for making one off payments abroad for small or large purchases such as buying a new home, a boat or sending money to family overseas, international money transfers with HiFX are fast and secure, giving you complete peace of mind. Transferring money abroad with HiFX offers many benefits over transferring money through your bank, including:

  • Better exchange rates than high street banks.
  • Great rates and absolutely no transfer fees.
  • Fixed exchange rates for up to 12 months providing protection against negative exchange rate movements.
  • Safe and secure online international money transfers providing complete peace of mind.

The experts at HiFX have years of experience in transferring money internationally and are available to answer any questions you might have on the best way to send money overseas. Just call to speak to one of our experts on +44 (0)1753 859 159 or Sign up now

Online International Money Transfer from HiFX

Whatever your requirements, the experts at HiFX can offer all of the help and guidance you need with your international money transfer. Register for an online account at HiFX and start your money transfers overseas today.

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