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Foreign Exchange Companies - Overview

HIFX are one of the UK’s leading independent foreign exchange companies, and are trusted by thousands of corporate clients and private individuals.

What is a Foreign Exchange Company?

A foreign exchange company will service the currency needs of both corporate and private clients. The company’s role is to achieve the best foreign exchange rates for their clients. Clients also look to brokers for advice on exchange rate movements and for strategies to manage their currency exposure and counter adverse exchange rate fluctuations.

A foreign exchange company will have access to comprehensive market information which provides real-time foreign exchange rate data as well as news and analysis of a wide variety of events that can cause currency rate movements. Currency companies need to keep abreast of both general news and market-specific news which can range from central bank interventions in the market to interest rate changes and announcements by key officials on economic and policy issues.

Foreign exchange companies are part of the biggest market in the world; trading upwards of 1.9 trillion US Dollars every single day. The market is notorious for its volatile fluctuations making attentiveness, knowledge and proficiency essential for a successful money transfer.

How you can benefit from using a Foreign Exchange Company

Every day, thousands of people across the world make international money transfers for a number of reasons. Whether you are buying international property, emigrating, purchasing a high value asset such as yacht or car abroad, or even making regular international money transfers for a pension or mortgage, you’ll need to speak to a foreign exchange company.

Still confused about what a foreign exchange company is and how they can help you? Don't panic! We have a team of dedicated specialists who will happily explain the various strategies you’ll need to consider when you transfer money abroad.

We provide:

  • A personal, friendly and cost effective service from a foreign exchange dealer who can explain the whole process in jargon free plain English and talk you through exchange rate movements.
  • Highly competitive foreign exchange rates which can be guaranteed for up to 12 months.
  • Great rates and absolutely no transfer fees.
  • Direct access to foreign exchange market intelligence and real time exchange rate information.
  • Fast and seamless international money transfers for any currency.

If you would like further information on our foreign exchange brokerage services, please call us on 01753 859 159 or alternatively Sign up now

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