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Buying a residential property, purchasing a holiday home or even emigrating to Europe requires a purchase of Euros.

For example; upon buying a holiday home in France, purchasing property in Spain or emigrating to work in Italy, buying Euros and getting the best price for your currency exchange is essential. Euros are not the currency of every European country but 16 of the European Union’s Member States use them at present. These are Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands (Holland), Austria, Portugal, Finland, Greece, Slovenia, Slovakia, Cyprus and Malta.

Support with your Foreign Exchange

Purchasing a large amount of Euros can be a stressful task. Fluctuating exchange rates can affect how much you pay for the currency and therefore how much you pay for your holiday home or overseas property. With guidance from HiFX the risks are minimised and the process is as stress free as possible.

HiFX have helped over tens of thousands of people with foreign exchange services since 1998 and with every year that passes, thousands more are added. Our currency experts ensure time after time that our rates can be up to 4% cheaper than your bank. You’ll find complete peace of mind and the best price when purchasing Euros with HiFX.

When purchasing Euros with HiFX you will find total transparency and no HiFX fees on each and every transfer you make.

Fix the rate for up to 12 months

Unlike your bank, HiFX will allow you to fix a favourable exchange rate for up to 12 months, thus protecting your money from adverse currency movements.

This all adds up to HiFX being a great way to purchase Euros, Sign up now or find out more about HiFX foreign exchange services.

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