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The cost of living across Spain

By HiFX Team  /     Jun 02, 2016  /     Spain  /     0 Comment

Spain has long been an extremely popular choice of country for Britons to set up a new life abroad, boasting a fantastic climate and great quality of life, while only being an hour’s flight away from the UK. Spain is also known for offering a low cost of living, which is another reason why it […]

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Gaining Capital in the Spanish Capital

By HiFX Team  /     Mar 09, 2016  /     Spain  /     0 Comment

Emigrating to a new country to set up a new business can be a scary and overwhelming process, especially if you don’t know where to start. Spain has continued to become one of the most popular countries for British expats to start a new life in sunnier climates, so our team of experts have decided to […]

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Coralie – Expat Survival

By HiFX Team  /     Jun 22, 2015  /     Global  /     0 Comment

As part of our ‘Expat Survival’ campaign we’ve been sourcing expat experts from around the world to hear how easy it was for them to integrate into their new adopted country. The campaign was launched in order to help future expats understand the issues people encounter in their first few months abroad. The last expat […]

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Gillian & Claire – Expat Survival

By HiFX Team  /     Jun 19, 2015  /     Global, US to UK  /     0 Comment

Whilst moving abroad can be a challenging time for some, today’s expat experts Gillian and Claire successfully integrated into their adopted countries with ease. Gillian moved to Italy and now blogs over at gillianslists.com and Claire moved across the pond from England to America.  Today we hear their expat story.

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