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Markets breathe a sigh of relief as May provides Brexit clarity

By HiFX  /     Jan 17, 2017  /     Market Updates  /     0 Comment

The six months since the UK voted to leave the EU have been dominated by uncertainty around what Brexit actually means. This vacuum of information has generally resulted in downward pressure on the Pound. But today Theresa May has relieved some of this pressure with a confident yet amiable speech about the UK’s objectives and […]

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After currency curveballs in the UK and USA, could Europe be next?

By HiFX  /     Dec 01, 2016  /     Money Matters  /     0 Comment

2016 news has been dominated by coverage of Brexit and Trump, both of which have had a significant impact on the global currency markets. It seems likely that as these events develop, they will continue to influence the markets in 2017 and beyond. But increasingly attention is starting to shift towards Europe, where there will […]

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In Conversation: The Flash Crash and living in uncertain times

By HiFX  /     Oct 12, 2016  /     Money Matters  /     0 Comment

Welcome to In Conversation, foreign exchange insights and discussions from HiFX to support businesses that send or receive international payments.   2016 has shown that large currency movements can happen at any time. A number of curveballs have caused significant changes to the value of the Pound. Some of these, such as the Brexit vote, […]

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When should you transfer Pounds to Euros?

By HiFX  /     Sep 22, 2016  /     Money Matters  /     0 Comment

It’s been almost three months now since the UK voted to leave the EU. The dust has settled and the Pound appears to be stabilising, following figures that suggest the UK economy is more resilient than was initially expected. But there’s still a lot of uncertainty about what will happen next, as everyone waits for […]

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How is the Pound performing around the world?

By HiFX  /     Aug 24, 2016  /     Global  /     0 Comment

It’s now been exactly two months since the UK voted to leave the EU, causing the Pound to drop significantly overnight. As the dust has started to settle in the following weeks, Sterling has generally remained weaker than it was before the vote, due to an uncertainty about what Brexit could mean for areas of […]

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How is the UK economy reacting to Brexit?

By HiFX  /     Aug 18, 2016  /     Europe  /     0 Comment

It’s been a busy week for the UK economy, with the release of a number of key figures to give some indication of the impact Brexit is likely to have. Inflation data was released on Tuesday, followed by unemployment figures yesterday and retail sales figures today. The data has generally been well-received by the markets, […]

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Inflation data provides a boost for the Pound

By HiFX  /     Aug 16, 2016  /     Market Updates  /     0 Comment

The Pound received a boost against the Euro and the Dollar this morning, following the release of July’s inflation data from the Office for National Statistics. The Consumer Price Index was higher than expected at 0.6% year-on-year, an increase from 0.5% in June, suggesting a slow but steady increase in the pressure on prices. This […]

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