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Macron wins French election; Euro breathes a (small) sigh of relief

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Emmanuel Macron has emerged triumphant after one of the most closely fought French presidential elections ever. The official result shows that Macron beat his far right opponent, Marine Le Pen, by 66.06% to 33.94%. At 39, he now becomes the country’s youngest president.

Euro stable after ‘Frexit’ risk averted

After weeks of political uncertainty in France, this emphatic endorsement for Macron’s centrist policies means the Euro, and the EU, can breathe a sigh of relief. Had Marine Le Pen won the presidential race, a French exit from the EU would have been a real possibility. The wider economic repercussions of ‘Frexit’ would have been much greater than with Brexit as it would mean France leaving the Eurozone, which could have potentially destabilised the entire EU project.

Macron’s win, therefore, is good news for supporters of the Euro and European integration. As a result, the Euro rallied in early Asia-Pacific trading on Monday. However, any gains in the Euro appear to be short-lived as the markets had already factored in a Macron win following his successful performance in Wednesday’s television debate. At the time of writing, the Euro is valued at £0.8447 (up 0.30%) and $1.0963 (down 0.34%).*

Meanwhile, Le Pen is claiming that her party is now the main opposition force in the country and appears to be considering how she can broaden her party’s appeal for the next elections in 2022.

What will a Macron win mean for France’s economy?

The markets will be hoping Macron’s pro-business campaigning rhetoric will translate into energising policies for the sluggish French economy. Investors who have been deterred by the previous president’s socialist administration are likely to be more enamoured by Macron’s more business-friendly approach.

Once Macron is in office, analysts will be watching to see if he can wield sufficient power to implement his policies. His difficulty lies in the fact that he does not have a well-established party around him.

Macron was part of the outgoing Socialist government of President François Hollande. He left in August 2016 to form his new movement, En Marche!, describing it as neither left wing nor right wing.

Without a solid party base, Macron’s biggest challenge may simply be being able to govern effectively. With no party representation in parliament, he is effectively starting from scratch. This was part of his appeal to the French voters, so he may use it to his advantage by bringing in non-politicians from the business world and civic society. The first big hurdle in putting together a governing team will be next month’s parliamentary elections.

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