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US election

What effect will the US Election have on the Dollar?

By HiFX Team  /     May 05, 2016  /     United States of America  /     1 Comment

  Now that more details about both candidates are known, we’ve written an updated guide. Find out what a Trump or Clinton presidency could mean for the Dollar here.   The next US Presidential Election is taking place on 8th November, and stories around the potential contenders are dominating the news. Whether the Democrats stay […]

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Gillian & Claire – Expat Survival

By HiFX Team  /     Jun 19, 2015  /     Global, US to UK  /     0 Comment

Whilst moving abroad can be a challenging time for some, today’s expat experts Gillian and Claire successfully integrated into their adopted countries with ease. Gillian moved to Italy and now blogs over at gillianslists.com and Claire moved across the pond from England to America.  Today we hear their expat story.

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