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Building a Business Down Under

By HiFX Team  /     Jan 14, 2016  /     UK to AU  /     1 Comment

Australia has become one of the most popular destinations for expat entrepreneurs to start a new life. It’s easy to forget that the network you have around you at home won’t be there anymore, and instead you will have a whole new host of Australian customers and suppliers to choose from. Our team have given […]

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4 everyday UK jobs that are surprisingly valuable in Australia

By HiFX Team  /     Jan 11, 2016  /     UK to AU  /     0 Comment

Everyone knows that, as we cross borders, currencies change value. What we might not take into consideration, however, is that jobs can change value too. When planning a permanent move to another country, this can become a huge deciding factor in where to live. Those planning on making the bold move to Australia might expect […]

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Our Three Favourite Things about Christmas in Australia Compared to the UK

By HiFX Team  /     Dec 22, 2015  /     UK to AU  /     0 Comment

In 1788, British citizens celebrated their first Christmas in Australia with a service by Reverend Richard Johnson. The Reverend and the colony had arrived to their new home in the First Fleet, taking with them traditional Anglo-Celtic Christmas celebrations. Over the centuries, Australia has developed its own unique Christmas celebrations more appropriate to a climate […]

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Common Outsourcing Problems for UK Businesses Looking for Partners in AU and NZ

By HiFX Team  /     Dec 15, 2015  /     UK to AU, UK to NZ  /     0 Comment

There comes a time for many businesses when it’s necessary to outsource services. Perhaps your business is enjoying a particularly busy period and you don’t have the available internal resources, or you may need someone with a certain skill set to tackle a particular problem that doesn’t often occur. Also known as “offshoring” when the […]

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Four Surprisingly Successful Foreign Investment Stories from the UK to US

By HiFX Team  /     Dec 11, 2015  /     UK to US  /     0 Comment

When Winston Churchill gave his 1946 speech The Sinews of Peace he described the close political, cultural and economic relationship between the United Kingdom and the USA, documenting the “special relationship” between the countries. It’s a relationship that’s continued to grow, and you probably won’t be surprised to hear that Britain is currently the largest […]

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Long Distance Relationships At Christmas – UK & AU

By HiFX Team  /     Dec 01, 2015  /     UK to AU  /     0 Comment

Long distance relationships are always harder in the holidays. A family Christmas across two continents can be difficult, but there are plenty of ways you can stay close and connected this season. Make sure everything gets there on time There’s nothing more disheartening than Christmas presents arriving two weeks late. Make sure you post cards […]

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