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HiFX is known for taking a proactive and predictive approach that has proved highly effective and successful in the field of foreign currency exchange.

Accurate currency exchange rate forecasting from HiFX

Despite the fact that currency markets and exchange rate changes are impossible to predict, in a Reuters Forex Poll comparing major banks and leading financial institutions, HiFX were ranked in the top 3 for accuracy of universal currency forecasting.

This illustrates the breadth of our specialist market knowledge and demonstrates the true worth to all clients of our proactive approach.

We further support our professional ability and efficiency by trading in foreign currency online. One invaluable tool for all clients, both corporate and private individuals, is the HiFX currency converter, available on www.hifx.co.uk.

The HiFX currency converter provides the latest prices with regular updates throughout the day and converts from and to all currencies with accurate exchange rate information. It is efficient, easy to use and will provide you with a base price - your yardstick by which you can compare us against others.

If you decide to purchase with HiFX, in addition to spot and forward contracts we can safeguard against the ever-present threat of exchange market fluctuations and currency swings. This is done by offering pre-determined rates as well as secured enhanced rates, when available.

Orders are monitored around-the-clock to establish appropriate levels at which to make your move. Transactions are made via our access to the world’s largest international payment and settlements network, SWIFT.

Safe & secure foreign currency exchange from HiFX

As a member of SWIFT we can provide an unsurpassed service. Straight Through Processing, ensures the timely, fast and highly secure delivery of transfers around the globe, without the use of call centres.

Upon buying currency from HiFX, or when your market order has been filled, banking information and instructions for where to transmit your funds will be detailed in the Contract Note. This is your invoice.

Funds can be transferred to HiFX via CHAPS, BACS or Telegraphic Transfer.

We do not accept cash, or funds from third parties.

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