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Every year thousands of UK residents need to exchange large amounts of money into a foreign currency. HiFX have created an online exchange rate calculator to give you indicative foreign exchange rate prices instantly. As a leading UK foreign exchange specialist, our primary aim is to make the currency aspect of any transaction, as simple, cost effective and stress free as possible.

Great Rates of Exchange

HiFX will offer you a fantastic exchange rate for your financial transactions - foreign exchange rates that many competitors can only offer to large corporate clients.

Please note that the rates available through the exchange rate calculator are constantly updated throughout the day.

Foreign Exchange Specialists

Our analysts often appear on CNBC, CNN, and are regularly featured in the business press including The Financial Times and Wall Street Journal.

Significantly HiFX has been ranked within the top 3 most accurate foreign exchange rate forecasters globally by the Reuters Forex Poll. Published in 2005, the league table compares foreign exchange rate predictions from all the major banks and financial institutions worldwide over the last four years.

Online Exchange Rate Calculator

To use the online exchange rate calculator simply choose the currency you would like to change from and to, enter the amount, then click the convert button. It couldn’t be easier.

The daily exchange rate is then shown underneath so you can compare us with other calculators that offer currency exchange rates.

Log on to the HiFX website now and get an accurate exchange rate with the online exchange rate calculator.

Find out more on how HiFX can help with your foreign exchange.

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