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Comparing the costs of moving abroad: EU vs. the Commonwealth

By HiFX  /     Jan 10, 2017  /     Money Matters  /     0 Comment

On the day after the EU Referendum results, there was a spike in Google searches for the term “how to emigrate”. These were accompanied by a number of searches from people thinking about moving to specific countries; France, Ireland, Australia and Canada were some of the most popular choices. Recent figures have revealed there was […]

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work life balance

What is your working time worth in Spain?

By HiFX Team  /     May 12, 2016  /     Spain  /     0 Comment

A career in Spain, with its Mediterranean lifestyle, is becoming increasingly popular for Britons who want to live and work overseas. According to Prospects.ac.uk, almost 300,000 British citizens are currently living in Spain. Due to the popularity of Brits moving to Spain, our team of experts have taken a look at how the job market compares in contrast […]

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Gaining Capital in the Spanish Capital

By HiFX Team  /     Mar 09, 2016  /     Spain  /     0 Comment

Emigrating to a new country to set up a new business can be a scary and overwhelming process, especially if you don’t know where to start. Spain has continued to become one of the most popular countries for British expats to start a new life in sunnier climates, so our team of experts have decided to […]

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working visa

4 everyday UK jobs that are surprisingly valuable in Australia

By HiFX Team  /     Jan 11, 2016  /     UK to AU  /     0 Comment

Everyone knows that, as we cross borders, currencies change value. What we might not take into consideration, however, is that jobs can change value too. When planning a permanent move to another country, this can become a huge deciding factor in where to live. Those planning on making the bold move to Australia might expect […]

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english expressions

Common UK Business Phrases and Their European Translations

By HiFX Team  /     Dec 18, 2015  /     Global  /     0 Comment

We’re all guilty of using a cliched expression at work every now and then. You might have caught yourself telling a colleague it’s time to “get down to business”, or checking everyone is “on the same page”, without really thinking about the literal meaning of what you’re saying. We’re so used to these everyday business […]

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roaming charges

Home or Away? A Guide to Choosing a Phone Package for Your Business Trip

By HiFX Team  /     Dec 04, 2015  /     Global  /     0 Comment

There are two words that send chills down the spine of even the most savvy travellers: roaming charges. If you’re going abroad for business, chances are you’ll be making a lot of calls and regularly checking your emails, so it’s important to know your network’s roaming charges before you touch down. Fortunately, all network providers […]

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