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Five factors influencing foreign exchange rates

By HiFX  /     May 17, 2017  /     Money Matters  /     0 Comment

As well as determining the value at which one country’s currency converts into another, the Foreign Exchange rate (ForEx rate) is one of the key indicators for measuring a country’s relative economic strength. A variety of economic, political and market pressures can cause the exchange rate to fluctuate, which is why anyone sending or receiving […]

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Money matters - volatile markets

How can you make the most of your money in a volatile market?

By HiFX  /     Sep 08, 2016  /     Money Matters  /     3 Comments

Following the result of the EU Referendum, it is unclear what will happen next to the Pound. The initial shock of the Brexit vote caused it to lose value significantly at first, but then its value seemed to start stabilising. It regained some of its losses following more positive than expected economic figures, but questions […]

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How HiFX can help you make international money transfers

By HiFX  /     Sep 01, 2016  /     Money Guides  /     0 Comment

There are all sorts of reasons you might need to make an international money transfer – for example if you’re buying or selling property abroad, transferring a mortgage or pension or sending money to friends or family overseas. Many people will turn to their banks when they need to make international payments, either because they […]

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Bank of England takes action

Interest rates drop and so does the Pound

By HiFX  /     Aug 04, 2016  /     Europe  /     0 Comment

Unlike a few weeks ago when the Bank of England surprised everyone, today they have finally confirmed what was considered almost a certainty by cutting interest rates to 0.25%. At the same time, they have also increased their quantitative easing programme by £60 billion. As the rate cut was widely expected, markets had priced it […]

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Brexit SME worries

In Conversation: SME owners could sleep more soundly by hedging their foreign exchange risks

By HiFX  /     Jul 26, 2016  /     Europe  /     0 Comment

Welcome to In Conversation, foreign exchange insights and discussions from HiFX to support businesses that send or receive international payments.   Ever since David Cameron announced the EU Referendum back in February, there’s been a lot of movement in the value of the Pound – and since the results were announced, the majority of this […]

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Unexpected good news for the pound

Some unexpected good news for the Pound

By HiFX  /     Jul 14, 2016  /     Europe  /     4 Comments

There’s been a lot of surprises in the political world recently, and this week has certainly continued that trend. As a result, we’ve seen numerous fluctuations in the value of the Pound as the markets react to each new headline. We recently looked at what events to look out for that could impact the Pound, […]

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Brexit impact pound

What impact is Brexit having on the Pound?

By HiFX  /     Jul 01, 2016  /     Europe  /     0 Comment

It’s been just over a week now since the surprise announcement that Britain had voted to leave the EU. Since then, there have been a number of movements in the Pound in both directions. While there have been lots of headlines about the Pound rising or falling, it’s worth remembering that we are still at […]

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Prepare for Brexit header image

How can you prepare yourself for Brexit?

By HiFX  /     May 19, 2016  /     Europe  /     2 Comments

There’s now just over a month until Britain goes to the polls for the EU Referendum, and it’s still unclear what the outcome will be. With the latest result from the Financial Times Poll of Polls currently showing 46% stay, 44% leave and 10% undecided (as of 17th May 2016), it seems to be too […]

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