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Theresa May calls UK General Election for 8th June

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Theresa May has taken markets by surprise with an unscheduled announcement, in which she announced plans to call a snap General Election. This will go to Parliament tomorrow for a vote, but it expected that it will go through as Jeremy Corbyn has welcomed the news.

May explained during her statement at Downing Street that she felt a General Election was “the only way to guarantee certainty and security for years ahead”. She accused the other political parties of “game playing” and suggested that a General Election would help to unite Westminster in the upcoming EU negotiations during the Brexit process.

The news is somewhat unexpected, as Theresa May had previously suggested the next General Election should be in 2020 to avoid adding the unpredictability of an election race onto the current Brexit uncertainty. However, considering a recent opinion poll put Conservatives 19 percentage points ahead of Labour, it is perhaps unsurprising that the party has made a strategic decision to capitalise on Labour’s current weakness.

The uncertainty caused by news of an unexpected announcement initially caused Sterling to slump 0.5% against the Dollar this morning. But when May revealed the news that she wanted a General Election, it quickly recovered these losses. The Pound has since gained more than 1% against both the US Dollar and the Euro, putting it at its highest levels since December 2016. This may be due to expectations that Conservatives could achieve a larger, and therefore more stable, majority at this election, which is likely to strengthen their hand during the Brexit negotiations.

However, it is not unusual for General Elections to put some downward pressure on a domestic currency, so we could have another busy June in front of us.

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