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Pound around the world

How is the Pound performing around the world?

By HiFX  /     Aug 24, 2016  /     Global  /     0 Comment

It’s now been exactly two months since the UK voted to leave the EU, causing the Pound to drop significantly overnight. As the dust has started to settle in the following weeks, Sterling has generally remained weaker than it was before the vote, due to an uncertainty about what Brexit could mean for areas of […]

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expats in spain

Have Expats Got It Wrong?

By HiFX Team  /     Feb 04, 2016  /     Global  /     0 Comment

It is no secret that people from Britain are often inclined to leave their old lives behind and emigrate abroad to start afresh. Whether it is for the promise of better weather, a new career path or just generally a better quality of life, around 7-8% of the UK population have decided that other places around […]

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flying vs train

Cheaper to Catch a Flight

By HiFX Team  /     Jan 29, 2016  /     Global, Uncategorised  /     1 Comment

It has become a well-known fact that the UK is an expensive country. Not long ago, we were all talking about a man who commutes to work in London from Barcelona every day to work, as it’s cheaper in rent and travel costs. Unbelievable! Technology, food, travel and clothes are just some of the things that […]

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transfering money

What you can buy with the money you save

By HiFX Team  /     Jan 20, 2016  /     Global  /     0 Comment

When you first start to think about making an international money transfer, your initial instinct will probably be just to use your regular bank. Your account is already set up so the process seems simple, and you assume your bank will give you the best exchange rate. But what many people fail to realise is […]

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english expressions

Common UK Business Phrases and Their European Translations

By HiFX Team  /     Dec 18, 2015  /     Global  /     0 Comment

We’re all guilty of using a cliched expression at work every now and then. You might have caught yourself telling a colleague it’s time to “get down to business”, or checking everyone is “on the same page”, without really thinking about the literal meaning of what you’re saying. We’re so used to these everyday business […]

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roaming charges

Home or Away? A Guide to Choosing a Phone Package for Your Business Trip

By HiFX Team  /     Dec 04, 2015  /     Global  /     0 Comment

There are two words that send chills down the spine of even the most savvy travellers: roaming charges. If you’re going abroad for business, chances are you’ll be making a lot of calls and regularly checking your emails, so it’s important to know your network’s roaming charges before you touch down. Fortunately, all network providers […]

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gift giving

International Gift-Giving: How To Choose An Appropriate Gift

By HiFX Team  /     Nov 20, 2015  /     Global  /     0 Comment

At the heart of any successful international partnership is a strong relationship. While global business might run smoothly over Skype, there are always times when a face-to-face meeting – and a symbol of care and respect for your relationship – is needed. Gift giving is a common way to express respect for business relationships in […]

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